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Friday 23 March, 2018
2007 Fixtures
Feb 10th  IRB SevensSan Diego, USA
March 1st - 19th  Columbia University RFC Visits T & T 
April 19th - 29th  Toronto Bucaneers hosted by Caribs 
April 30th5:30pm Annual General MeetingJean Pierre Complex
May  Tobago Rugby FestivalDwight Yorke Stadium
June 1st - 7th  T & T Games 
June 16th  Northerns Touch TournamentSt. Anns
June 23rd  Olympic Day RunKing George V
June 23rd10:00amAllRuggeramaSav 1 & Sav 3
June 24th4:30SDL*YTC vs CaribsYTC
June 24th4:30SDLEast Grads vs UWITacarigua
June 24th4:30SDLDefence Force vs TobagoSt. Anns
June 24th4:30SDLRainbow - Bye 
June 24th  Women's League 
June 24th  Under 19 
June 30th  Robert Farfan Memorial CupHasely Crawford
July 1st4:30SDLCaribs vs UWISav 1
July 1st4:30SDLEast Grads vs TobagoTacarigua
July 1st4:30SDLDefence Force vs RainbowSt. Anns
July 1st4:30SDLYTC-Bye 
July 1st  Women's League 
July 7th4:30CDLNortherns vs RoyaliansSt. Anns
July 7th4:30CDLPolice vs RainbowSav 2
July 7th4:30CDLCaribs vs Defence ForceSav 1
July 7th4:30CDLHarvard-Bye 
July 8th4:30SDLTobago vs CaribsTobago
July 8th4:30SDLRainbow vs East GradsMarabella
July 8th4:30SDL*YTC vs Defence ForceYTC
July 8th4:30SDLUWI-Bye 
July 8th  Women's League 
July 8th - 16th  NAWIRA RWC 2007 U19 QualifierCayman Islands
July 13th - 18th  St. Lucia 10 A-SideSt. Lucia
July 14th4:30CDLPolice vs Defence Force 
July 14th6:00CDLRainbow vs Harvards 
July 14th8:00CDLNortherns vs Caribs 
July 14th  Royalians - Bye 
July 15th4:30SDLCaribs vs RainbowSav1
July 15th4:30SDL*YTC vs East GradsYTC
July 15th4:30SDLUWI vs Defence ForceUWI
July 15th4:30SDLTobago-Bye 
July 15th  Women's League 
July21st4:30CDLRoyalians vs Defence ForceSav 2
July21st4:30CDLRainbow vs NorthernsMarabella
July21st4:30CDLHarvards vs PoliceSav 3
July 22nd  Under 19 
July 28th4:30CDLNortherns vs Defence ForceLarry Gomes
July 28th6:00CDLRoyalians vs Police 
July 28th8:00CDLCaribs vs Harvards 
July 28th  Rainbow-Bye 
Please Note:
Home Team to entertain visiting clubs after game.

Home teams are mentioned first.

All *YTC matches are to be played at YTC.

The first club mentioned in fixture is responsible for their field for the game.
Example: Marking and Postpads

If a team does not turn up for a game, the game will be blown off after 15 minutes and the opposition will be awarded 4 converted tries for a win.

Players will not be allowed on the field to play unless numbers are properly displayed on the backs of their playing jerseys corresponding to the team list.
Duplication of numbers will not be permitted.

Championship Division League - CDL
Senior Division League - SDL
Arranged Games - AG
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