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Friday 23 February, 2018
Pledge To Carry On Ttoc’s Legacy

Pledge To Carry On Ttoc’s Legacy

How do we start living an awesome life? When will we stop doubting our greatness?

No matter what motivates you, there will always be emotional enemies lurking in the corners of your mind waiting to distract and demoralise you. The three major culprits are fear, uncertainty and doubt. Those three live inside of you and keep you from trying to achieve your dreams.

Jim Rohn said success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced every day.

I believe in making impossible things possible. Many of us underestimate what we can achieve and no matter what, once we have courage each of us can overcome our personal demons and shortcomings.

We must have a brave heart and persevere in finding our direction and purpose. We must choose optimism and have the inner hunger and drive. No amount of education, experience or connections can carry you through the setbacks that will come.

Without a powerful why, no goal can withstand disappointment or failure.

Every day ask yourself why do I want it? It was said that Alexander the Great ordered his ships burned. Telling his men we go home in Persian ships or we die. The lesson is that raising the stakes in the face of overwhelming odds most times will motivate the likelihood of success.

The "Burning the boats" attitude isn't for everybody but when faced with a choice between victory and certain defeat it fosters an indomitable mindset. There's really no excuse; it's just how badly do you want success.

In the sea of darkness we must want to inspire other people to be the light. Our yardstick is the opportunities we create for others and the lives you touched positively.

It's so easy to give up, given the relentless barrage of negativity surrounding us. You hit the wall of despair so hard that it leaves you feeling empty and drained but the sheer belief in a brighter future and the huge and limitless potential of the youth and young people of T&T is your North Star.

This is a battle that can only be won if the sheer courage to not give up is unassailable.

In deciding to seek re-election for a second term as T&T Olympic Committee (TTOC) and T&T Commonwealth Games Association president, I had to give serious thought about the future of sport and the Olympic and Commonwealth sport movement in T&T.

It makes no sense in my view seeking office for seeking it sake.

Leaders must want to be impactful and to make service and stewardship their litmus test.

What is power and authority without purpose?

So as the TTOC moves forward to Tokyo 2020 and beyond we welcome new faces on to the executive committee. A historic gender-balanced TTOC and TTCGA executive committee has been elected.

The next four years will present new challenges. The bottom line is that a sustainable future requires sport organisations to attract individuals who have a fundamental belief in volunteerism and the willingness to embrace change and transformation.

In the past it was a well worn saying that Rome wasn't built in a day. The 21st century reality is that Rome was built and destroyed in a month.

The key word is now!

You have to surround yourself with people who believe in greatness and are inspired, visionary, enthusiastic about being creative and innovative. It's an uphill battle if you aren't surrounded by people who act on big ideas and take action on making positive change and see nothing as out of their reach.

Fortune favours the brave.


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